Founded in the 1990’s, Loyola High School is a Jesuit Catholic High School based in the city of Detroit. It serves to further academic, physical, spiritual, and social growth to the residents of Detroit and its surrounding community. It was founded to address the soaring drop-out rates of high school students in the Detroit area. Loyola now proudly graduates 100% of its students.

Spearheaded by our latest Co-Leaders, Ray Margherio and Drew Prokop, Trends for Teens has decided to aide Loyola in their Letter Sweater Club Initiative. Earning a varsity letter in athletics, debate, choir and/or drumline is a symbol of excellence and milestone for many high schoolers. At Loyola it is no different, however, due to the prohibitive cost of varsity jackets, most young men keep their hard-earned “L” at home in a drawer.

Letter sweaters are universally appealing, help unite Loyola students participating in different school activities and—best of all—are dress code approved and will make a difference with our young men allowing them to look and feel good! A Bulldog sweaterman has pride and will be motivated to keep up the great work.

The Letter Sweater Club Initiative allows donations to be made through Trends for Teens to provide Letter Sweaters to the 75 varsity letter achievers who do not have a sweater.