Our Original Location


We had the pleasure of opening our first store at ITA in Pontiac, Michigan in February, 2015. In November, 2016 ITA moved to a new location and our store moved with it. This store is run by seniors and juniors at ITA. We are excited to start our 3rd year with ITA in the fall.



expansion into “trends for tots”

Since we have started at ITA, their school has grown to encompass elementary-aged kids. After great feedback from ITA, we decided to expand the Trends for Teens goal setting program to “Trends for Tots” where children are rewarded with Trends Cash because of good behavior both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Very special thank you to Chloe Kiriluk for filming this amazing video which embodies the happiness and satisfaction the students experience after shopping at our store!

Examples of goals set:

  • I will pay attention in class

  • I will remember to bring my ID everyday

  • I will have a B in Ms Jacksons class by the end of 3rd marking period

  • I will help another student study to pass the Andrew Jackson Test

  • I will get a B or better in every class by the end of the marking period

  • I will network with at least 3 people who can help me with Long Term Goals

  • I will raise my C to a B in history

  • I will reach my goal on bars in gymnastics

  • I will raise my GPA to a 3.6